Austin, Texas Ranks in 10 Healthiest R E Markets

Although we rank in the top 10 markets, the actual avg sales price is well above $225K, not $128K as quoted in this picture!

This video debuted over 30 months ago and our market has continued to improve. We were one of the first markets to switch from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market for the first time in over 6 years! Homes are on the market less than 60 days on average and multiple offers are common place!!! AUSTIN, TEXAS ROCKS! Enjoy the video!!!

Socar Chatmon-Thomas
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Torchys Tacos...Eat Your Heart Out!!!

Another reason I really love Austin, TX…food trucks and FOOD!!! We have so many incredible food trucks here in Austin, Texas. We have cupcakes, tacos, snow cones and sushi all served in portable buildings or converted airstream campers. This new cottage industry has become one of the “WEIRD” elements that continues to “Keep Austin WEIRD”. So if you decide to visit, make sure you ask your friends to take you to SOFI and SOCO to check out the fine cuisine served in our food trucks!!!

Blooming Plum Trees, Austin, TX

Spring is one of my favorite times during the year. I guess the reason I enjoy it so much is because it’s a time of renewal. The grass is green again, the birds are singing and flowers and tress are blooming. BUT MOST OF all, the weather is perfect! Most days begin in the 50’s and 60’s with the highs around 75 to 85 degrees. There is usually a continuous strong breeze so the fragrant scents of Mountain Laurel and Honeysuckle are forever present! Ohhhhh, I almost forgot…it’s also BLUEBONNET season. The Texas Bluebonnet is our state flower and they are abundant this time of year. I uploaded a few pictures of beautiful Spring scenes from around town. Enjoy!

First Sign of Spring...The Redbud Tree

The Sweet Smelling Mountain Laurel

Another reason I love this city is because we have very talented homeless people. I’m currently sitting in my office at the corner of 6th and Congress in the Littlefiled building and I can hear the musical stylings of the 6th Street or Bus Stop singer. This man is approximately 6 feet tall, 50+ years old and obviously homeless, but that doesn’t stop him from using his melodious baritone voice to sing everything from “Amazing Grace” to “It’s Too Late to Turn Back Now”. He begins his shift at around 11:30am each day and ends around 2pm. I guess his strategy is to grab the lunch rush and I assume that he does really well because I have personally given him money and have had to resist the urge to sit next to him and harmonize on my lunch break. I truly appreciate that our city is versatile enough to accept the homeless and under served. GREAT JOB AUSTIN!!!

As 2011 begins, I reluctantly look back at the happenings of 2010. There were floods and famine,  war and peace, and we most  certainly experienced both happiness and sadness; AND the one thing that we can always count on in this world is CHANGE. A local Austin artist said it best. The picture below was taken from the South Lamar pedestrian bridge in Austin, TX. I’m not sure if the artwork was commissioned by the city or if someone climbed onto the railroad bridge and painted the mural in an effort to express themselves. Well, whatever the case may be…I got the message LOUD AND CLEAR!!! This is definitely one of the ways we “Keep Austin Weird”.

Your Austin Ambassador!

Socar Chatmon-Thomas


A few weeks ago while running around our amazing Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX…I noticed that there were a few “swans-a-swimmimg” and one of them was a black swan. I’ve never seen a black swan up close and personal so I took out my handy HTC Evo and snapped a few pictures. I think she knew I was watching her because she posed for the picture. Austin’s winters are beautiful and so is the wildlife! This is a super short post, but I wanted to get this on paper while I was thinking about it!!!



Your Austin Ambassador!

Socar Chatmon-Thomas


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